Types of Exfoliators . There are 2 main categories of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Chemical exfoliators for the body that are more gentle and penetrate deeper into the skin to remove dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation is much preferred. It wouldn’t be a complete how to exfoliate the back guide if I didn’t include chemical exfoliation. Here’s Part 2 of this skincare series on exfoliation. “There is no need to bash someone who simply prefers to physically exfoliate their skin over chemically exfoliating it. I’m including exfoliation tools under the banner of physical exfoliation, and enzymes in the chemical group. Exfoliation can be anything from a mild physical scrub to a deep chemical peel. The two main methods of exfoliation are chemical and physical. For all of these groups, physical exfoliation isn’t just unnecessary—it should generally be avoided altogether to prevent sensitivity and further damage. Believe it or not, over-exfoliation is actually a major reason people develop acne, or why their acne won’t go away. Although a moderate amount of exfoliation is a great way to prevent pimples by keeping the pores clear of debris, going overboard can actually weaken the skin to a point where it cannot defend itself as well against bacteria and infections. This simple process can be done easily from home, and most often will result in more radiant, softer skin than before! Exfoliation, derived from the Latin exfoliatus (to strip of leaves), is a term that describes any process meant to remove dead skin flakes from the body. Chemical exfoliators generally come in the form of acid-based serums or enzyme masks, while scrubs, sonic brushes, and washcloths are a few common physical exfoliators.Both techniques will get the job done; it simply depends on your skin type and the strength of exfoliation you can handle. Exfoliation helps the shedding along, ideally without compromising the ability of the stratum corneum to act as a barrier. The good news is that if physical scrubbing isn’t for you, you can still enjoy the benefits of exfoliating. Alas, in an act of beauty research, I found a Reddit skin-care subthread of a skin-care devotee declaring their love for physical exfoliants. For a simpler overview, you can head to this exfoliation … And everything in between like an exfoliating cleanser or toner. —Reddit user cmcgovern1990. “Physical exfoliation isn’t the devil!” the Redditor (so daringly) states. What Is Physical Exfoliation? Part 1 was on physical exfoliating tools and scrubs, this time we’re tackling the more complex chemical exfoliants, before moving onto picking the right exfoliation routine for your skin in Part 3. Those best back scrubbers from above represent physical exfoliation. The same holds true for the face, as well. ... bad for face cheeks. My understanding is that on this sub we don’t really recommend physical exfoliation much at all.