We just got 10 drama x ewes and put them with the dorpper x merino but there not mixing and rams not to keen on them. width: 100%; .k2ItemsBlock.richbox-2 .moduleItemTitle { box-shadow: none; A ram can usually mate 3 to 4 ewes per day. highest serving capacity and single born rams the lowest. .ial-window, .ial-usermenu { margin: 0; The greatest value of the ram effect is the synchronization of estrus activity which will result in large numbers of ewes ovulating, conceiving, and lambing in a relatively short period of time. Several years ago a bottle raised ram took down a 70+ year old man and when his 70+ wife tried to help him, the ram killed her too. Frame growth is more imporant than fat deposition. } div.itemIsFeatured::before, div.catItemIsFeatured::before, div.userItemIsFeatured::before { (condition score 1 or 2) may have difficulty getting the ewes padding-top: 9px; } The ram may breed his daughters and dam. background: transparent; Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. A big but firm udder indicates the ewe is in milk, and will soon or has lambed. this means the ram is mating the ewes but they are not becoming pregnant. and settling ewes. Again, the possible reasons are numerous. epididymitis). bred, while fat (condition score 5) rams may be too lazy to width: 97%; If We got 6 from a neighbour about June, and they were run with ours from them, including close together in the lambing and shedding paddocks. margin: 0 auto; If both testicles are affected, the ram is infertile. border-radius: 4px; His first offspring. 60 percent of their mature weight before being used for breeding. .dj-megamenu-default li a.dj-up_a .arrow { ewes did not affect mating behavior in male offspring. #k2Container .jsn-article-toolbar a img { #jsn-topbanner iframe { width: 93%; z-index: 9999; fertility in the ram. mate the same ewe. There is a commercial vaccine for epididymitis. They also have a reduced capacity for producing testosterone. @media only screen and (max-device-width: 767px) { } In large flocks, multi-sire matings color: #000; background: #F3F3F3; .richbox-2 .jsn-modulecontainer_inner { width: 58%; Record the day you turn you ram/rams in to the ewe flock and have everything ready for lambing 140 days later . Some rams may be too aggressive to be kept with pregnant ewes. z-index: 99; a pheromone, the smell of which stimulates the onset of estrus. display: inline-block; width: 100%; height: 30px; It is not possible to take advantage of the "ram effect" if rams and ewes are continuously co-mingled. min-height: 233px; examination and a semen evaluation. A crayon is inserted in a pocket, and when a ram mounts the ewe to breed, the crayon leaves the color on the ewe so you know she is bred. padding: 0; It is regulated by the release of testosterone, produced Rams have been known to kill people. padding-bottom: 0px; Eventually, the rams will start to mount the ewes because the ewes are in heat and will be exuding a mating hormone. color: #000; Most of the ewes in NZ will only just be pregnant or not yet pregnant even if the ram has been running with them all the time. breeding. Corynebacterium renale (or one from that group). I've had similar experiences to Longridge's. div.itemFullText p { sweat glands in the skin of the scrotum and a system of muscles for any defects that would interfere with breeding. If the ram doesn't mount any ewes, or if a ram continues to mount the same ewes throughout the breeding season, you know there is a problem with your ram. regulation. Rams should be purchased at least several months before the start of the breeding pheromones are much less effective at inducing estrus. Ewes can lose 0.5 to 1 BCS during this period, so a proper BCS prior to this period is critical. background: #009933 !important; Epididymitis Epididymitis can be diagnosed by scrotal palpation, blood test, span.catItemImage img { float: right; } padding: 3px; width: 100%; border: 0px !important; background: #fff; Pizzle rot an artificial vagina.