15mins said: You don’t need to worry about any hair products while pregnant. The formula contains contouring polymers too, which is said to add body to the hair fiber. Reply. Are keratase product safe for nursing. 11.20.18. Auf Basis einer professionellen Haardiagnose wird ein maßgeschneidertes Pflegeprogramm erstellt und Haarpflege zu einem sinnlichen Luxuserlebnis. 4. I’ll say both products have impressive customer reviews. The Kerastase shampoo, on the other hand, promises to clean your hair and fuse your hair fiber so it becomes stronger and thicker. Kerastase Savoir Faire combines with hairdressers expert tips deliver the best shampoos and Bains that leave the hair perfectly washed, sublime and soft to the … Kérastase ist Luxushaarpflege in Vollendung, die höchste Maßstäbe in der professionellen Beratung und Anwendung durch erfahrene Kérastase Coiffeure in ausgewählten Salons setzt. Reply. There is a knack to getting it just right: use a small quantity of shampoo, lots of water (even while massaging the shampoo into the hair), and then rinse with plenty of water, too. The reason for this is that all of the shampoos, conditioners and all of the treatments are actually medicated unlike any other brands- which is why there so amazing. You can also enjoy internal hair strength after using it, thanks to the vita-ciment. Reply. Kerastase is developed by L'oreal and was established in 1964. This hair building shampoo can help add more density to thin hair, thus making it more visible and attractive. How do u expect shampoo appliancation for 2–5 min may be on alternate days to stimulate hair growth. Another shampoo worth looking at is the Bain Densite from Kerastase. Kerastase is French as you may have guessed and used to be sold only in pharmacy's. 4.21.20 . It's marketing gimmick. Also hair shaft above scalp is dead structure, like nails. Is Kerastase product safe for pregnancy? Sara said: What about if you’re nursing . you’re experiencing thinning hair and want a good shampoo that can assist in adding more density to your hair, you should try this. Hi,if you don’t mind helping me.I’m looking for a shampoo for everyday use which caters to oily scalp,dry hair,gets rid of dandruff.I have long,thick hair and rebonded my hair twice and permed(2 yrs ago)once.I’m not sure which series i should use. Can i continue use kerastase hair product like shampoo,conditioner,mask, hair tonic and fusio dose during my pregnancy? Thank you so much. Shampoo has absolutely no role in hair growth. Customer Reviews .