We recommend the parish nurse attend a special preparation program for parish nursing. The registered nurse credentials are necessary to become a parish nurse. Licensed practical nurses (LPN) are very limited in their nursing abilities, but it is still possible to become a parish nurse … ANCC Retired Certified Nurse Recognition celebrates achievements for life! The American Nurses Foundation is a separate charitable … While other organizations offer certification in faith-community nursing, the GBHEM certification … You need to have a current and active registered nurse … Learn more. Opportunities for basic … Certification for Clergy Parish Nurses Deacons and elders (or those in candidacy for ordination) seeking certification as a United Methodist parish nurse, must complete the general core competencies for parish nursing as well as the requirements for ordination. Parish nursing is a unique blending of professional nursing and spiritual caregiving. Becoming a Parish nurse does not require any particular kind of certification, but the American Nurses Credentialing Center highlights registered nurses’ board certificates for this profile. Parish Nursing Certification. Some choose to earn a diploma, 2-year degree, or a 4-year degree to become a parish nurse. You are now leaving the American Nurses Foundation. Other requirements for certification … Discipleship Ministries is offering a parish nurse specialization for nurses through the certified lay ministry process.