Bounces – total email addresses that were invalid in a marketing campaign. The number of follow-ups each person receives. Any good cold email tool should offer you plenty of options for trying out different sending schedules. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to politely nudge them and keep the conversation going. The networking email subject lines I will show you can be applied in a variety of situations, such as: (click on the links to jump to a specific section). There’s no value or … However, referencing a specific piece of content that the recipient has written (as opposed to a generic comment above) is a great way to come across as genuine. It adds personalization variables to your email templates, such as: It uses their email address and other data to determine these values and automatically adds them to each email. Networking emails, on the other hand, are all about quality. That’s intentional. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Only a fraction of your recipients are likely to take you up on your offer – sending more increases the likelihood you’ll reach these target customers. ADD_THIS_TEXT. You can do this by adapting email subject lines to persons you are contacting and making them sound relevant and important. Or they might plan to reply later and just forget about it. GMass comes with detailed analytics reports to help an email marketer gauge how well their marketing emails are doing. You’ll notice that most of the subject lines listed above are short. Chances are, you’ll have to follow up on your initial interactions with a prospect. This is a good example of using numbers to supplement your introductory emails. Your results will speak for themselves. The time gap between your follow-up emails. Also, by keeping the subject line slightly vague – you’re encouraging them to open your mail to see what it contains. Maybe they simply forgot to respond, or are waiting for some other information. If you are sending a networking email (to someone who does not know you), include the name of the person that gave you his or her contact in the subject line. 69% of email recipients send an email to their spam folder based on its subject line. Offer a virtual handshake. Leave your favorite in a comment below: Hi, I'm Norbert! You send the networking contact this email: Subject line: [Your Friend’s Name] Friend Who Needs Capitol Hill Advice. Not sure how to get started with email networking? Everyone loves compliments. Networking email content is important, for example, according to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provider MRPeasy, they only work with 1 out of 10 proposals that they receive. Here are some sample subject lines for four different types of networking emails. These types of emails are sent to people you’ve never had any interaction with before. Common interests and qualifications are an easy way to connect with your recipient. We’ll also give you some emailing tips to ensure that your networking emails convert! Depending on the goal of your networking email, your subject line will be different (just as it'll be different if you're trying to write the perfect sales email). You can quickly send, manage and tweak mass emails to make the most of your email networking campaigns! By adding a number to your subject line, you’re letting the contact know what specific things stood out. Extend this same respect for your recipients’ time to the body copy of your email. Avoid sending emails at the end of the workweek and right before a holiday. The perfect networking email subject line captures attention, speaks directly to your reader and inspires action. Personalized Subject Lines. Tip – Use an online subject line checker to help hit the perfect word length for your networking email subject line. Chances are, your recipient won’t be checking their mail during this time and your email will remain unread at the bottom of their inbox. It’s a great way to sound truly interested in your contact and hopefully get a response. when I'm not searching for 10+ million email addresses per month, I'm writing articles that help sales, marketers, and recruiters help get their emails read and increase their response rate. Here are a few simple number-driven subject lines: By mentioning “5 ways” in your subject line, you’re being specific and creating a lot of curiosity. This subject line directly references a past conversation, social media interaction or event with the recipient. Just keep this in mind when coming up with your email subject lines or use one of our examples, and you will undoubtedly have more success in networking. They’ll question the intent behind it and might even send it to their spam folder. You need to tailor each sales email to cater to what each recipient relates to. It’s used in other aspects of business such as internal networking. Replies – total number of people that replied to your emails. Manually craft follow-up emails for each person? Personalizing your emails for each reader is a surefire way to get noticed. Just write specific and concise subjects. Depending on the goal of your networking email, your subject line will be different (just as it'll be different if you're trying to write the perfect sales email). Hey [name]! Leading with numbers is a great way to interest a reader and show them what you’re offering. “Just caught the interview you had with ”, “Fellow [city resident] that’d like to connect”, “I was asked to reach out to you by [Mutual Acquaintance]”, “Would love to know more about your article on [insert publication]!”, “I love that [insert thought, idea or opinion] you shared on [publication]”. That’s why personalization is at the heart of every template we have included below. Use these insights in your outreach process so you can get the highest response rate possible. In the meantime, why not sign up for GMass to streamline your networking email process? It’s an easy way to get the conversation going and (possibly) gain some valuable insights about a topic. Some of this information you’ll earn through personal connections. One of the biggest challenges of sending networking emails is actually getting people to open them. Email recipients find long subject lines difficult to read – especially if they’re viewing your email on a mobile device. It is meant to capture the attention of the recipient in … Ajay is the founder of GMass and has been developing email sending software for 20 years. This subject line accomplishes that. ("naturalWidth"in a&&"naturalHeight"in a))return{};for(var d=0;a=c[d];++d){var e=a.getAttribute("data-pagespeed-url-hash");e&&(! Here’s how GMass can help you craft effective email campaigns: Networking emails must be personalized if you want them to work. An email marketer has access to data on their: With GMass, an email marketer will have no trouble measuring different metrics like bounces and click-through rates to ensure that they’re getting the best out of their emails. Once you’ve chosen a subject line, keep the following networking email tips in mind: You’ll notice that most of the subject lines listed above are short.