A Samurai is a master in all combat situations: from close-quarter fighting to expert marksmanship with the bow and arrow. The samurai carried a wakizashi (shorter sword) for daily use and civilian lifestyle. These swords are one of the most prestigious swords, and because of their popularity, most Japanese swords are called as Katanas today. But exceptions are always there. A traditional katana will measure 3 to 4 feet in total length, with the hilt taking up one-fourth of the total and a characteristic curvature of more or less than 1 inch. Keep in mind that most sword-producers don’t offer a wide range of choices, perhaps only a couple of different options in terms of katana length. Curve the swords backward. I have a deep interest in martial arts, tactical survival, and I am a total tech nerd. The katana found its way into this top-rated TV series and proved its effectiveness. But on average, tsuka is of 1 Shaku, 30 cm. Friends were few and scarce. The sword length is so big that these were carried on the back instead of the waist. 15 Sep. katana length in feet. Orient your palms perpendicularly, forming a 90-degree angle with the table surface. Photography credits: Capt. A blade is made from steel, and steel is heavy. I am 6 feet 1, and my first katana measured about 29 inches. What differentiates these Japanese blades is length. An axe delivers a much more powerful blow because of the bulky head. Which is great for me, because I love writing about this stuff. What is the best size for the “tsuka” handle? Let’s take a 2. But that doesn’t mean that those swords are less efficient.
Where your fingertips stop will mark the optimal length for draw, control, and dexterity. Before you run out and start buying your first Katana, it is important to know how long the Katana is and which length would fit your need the best. Your email address will not be published. Im 5 foot 6 and I'm looking into a functional katana, but I'm not sure what length to buy. For all purposes, the length proportion between these two elements is the most important aspect for making sure you pick a suitable blade. It was also more maneuverable and swift than a much longer katana. Although the length of Japanese Katana swords varies from sword to sword, the average length of most Katanas ranges from 60 to 100 cm (2-3 Shaku), Shaku is the Japanese unit of length. They had a system of classifying different blades according to purpose: ceremonial, domestic, duel and battle-field weapons. Feel how comfortable the grip is, how far it should go. I would like to repeat this little disclaimer: Don’t train or practice with a partner unless both of you are well-educated and properly trained in sword-fighting. When looking to buy a katana, you should be aware of your physical condition and body size. Another practical approach is to pick up a (katana sized) wooden pole like you would a sword. Depending on your height, check the following table. But make sure there is at least an inch between the tip and the floor. Are you searching for general katana buyer’s guide? In fact, they only used the katana in battle and duels since it was most effective on the battlefield, against other infantry troops. The bladesmiths used to measure them in units called “shaku”. 835. post-template-default,single,single-post,postid-835,single-format-standard,bridge-core-2.3.3,qode-restaurant-3.0,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,qode-title-hidden,qode_grid_1300,footer_responsive_adv,qode-theme-ver-21.9,qode-theme-bridge,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.2.0,vc_responsive . Failed to subscribe, please contact admin. Nagamaki Length. A typical katana would have measured somewhere between 60-70 cm, excluding the handle, and about 100 cm total. A long blade that is fast, efficient, and well-balanced? And you also check out the different parts of Katana so you can choose katana that fit your need. But then again, you never know when the long-awaited zombie apocalypse will arrive, do you? It has a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular or squared guard. Be very careful… Even when practicing by yourself. Some Katana swords such as Tanto are single-handed while others have handle lengths, same as the blade length such as Nagamaki. There are several ways to measure These swords differed from each other in terms of features, and the most prominent feature was the length of the blade and handle. If you read this post thoroughly, then you truly are into Japanese swords. Therefore, inertia and momentum are important factors to consider. Imagine swinging a sledgehammer. A traditional Tanto sword has a length of 15 to 30 cm (less than 1 Shaku). So, the katana length debate is actually a discussion about trade-offs: speed and control, versus distance and safety. katana length in feet. That massive thing will pull you down rather than stop on command. The word Nagamaki means ‘long wrap,’ and from there, its name originated. Groove out some mass from the blade. Short swords weigh less, their mass is smaller, which allows you to swing faster and change direction more effectively. So, let me help you pick the right katana size and size for your body measurements. The meaning of inertial laws is simple – the heavier the object is, the more force and exertion you must expend to change its state (or its course). Average Length of a Katana. Instantly, the katana length can be increased. A delayed swing is deadly in a real sword fight. Nodachi, also called Odachi swords, are giant Katana swords. For people who prefer the metric system: Depending on the length, the Japanese sword-makers divided their blade into three categories of items: There were no general standards for the katana length. This is one of the reasons why samurai swords are so swift to draw and attack with. Our table allows you to complete your online ord These blades represented social status, financial power, and rank. The blade and the handle should be balanced together for improved equilibrium. But this method will give you good feedback and confirmation of results. We would highly appreciate your feedback, Your email address will not be published.