I have definitely considered a different university but still not sure yet. completes the following courses of study as part of the degree program: (a) FNCE2000 Introduction to Finance Principles; (b) FNCE3001 Introduction to Financial Instruments and Markets; (c)  FNCE2003 Business Analysis for Investment; (d) ECOM2001 Quantitative Techniques for Business; (i)   TAXA3007 Elementary Australian Tax Law; or. Agreed totally . Bachelor Degree Level 7 Duration Tooltip. Almost all my friends at uni have done the same thing with applied Math as a major. My advice is find something that you would love to study. If you’re a high school student, we’ll evaluate you for admission to Year 1 of the Commerce program. In the quant interviews I did, 100% of the questions were probability puzzles and games. Is there much of a difference bachelor's of business vs commerce? BTW a BBus or a BCom is often essentially the same thing, different unis just use different titles for their programs. Major in Data Science (CompSci/statistics blend). Some people claim that an undergrad business administration degree is worthless because you can find an entry-level job in the business industry with a degree in almost any field. 3. It's easy to get a degree if you pay for it, but getting good grades & a job requires hard-work. Unfortunately I don't have an end goal job, but I do like finance/Investing a lot. 2nd year doing data science here. I completed my AA degree by paying out of pocket at a local community college, but decided to take out federal loans and continue my education at a university. posted 2016-Apr-19, 1:40 am AEST (edited 2016-Apr … 7 years ago. The job market changed significantly in recent years, which made it harder for recent college graduates to find work with almost any type of degree. See below for the link to our comprehensive FAQ site that may help with common questions. Any suggestions you could give me for a major if accounting is not my cup of tea? Apply to the Gustavson School of Business as a high school student or a transfer student from another post-secondary institution.. And that is all down to the data available on the job market. A lot of grunt theory has to be covered before it gets interesting. I have a bachelor of business and a bachelor of commerce. Bachelor of Commerce isn’t horrible, I’m currently studying BComm/ BComp Sci and I’m finding it alright so far. (ii)  TAXA2000 Introduction to Australian Tax Law; (g)  FNCE2004 Introductory Business Financial Modelling; (i)   TAXA3005 Superannuation and Retirement Planning; (l)   FNCE3003 Issues in Financial Planning Practice; (n) INVE3000 Introduction to Derivative Securities; (p) ECON2007 Behavioural Economics and Finance; (q) FNCE3002 Financial Planning Internship (capstone). How many of you have a bachelor's of Commerce and what are you doing as a job now? Either way, I still have a couple more months to decide! Commerce is easier but more widely applicable. That said, this information can give you an idea of the earning potential unlocked by a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Generally, most people major in Finance/Accounting/Info Sys and it’s quite flexible. It's just that when I'm attending the data1001 lectures or labs, it doesn't really feel like I'm getting anything out of it and I'm just physically there for the sake of it. Bachelor of Commerce. Im currently about to finish my second year doing a bachelor of science (information systems) and bachelor of commerce (accounting) at maq, and im enjoying it, as i have an interest in IT and wish to do chartered accounting.