Stone quarries are nearby. To learn more about Kaukauna… click on “LEARN MORE” in the bottom right of this box. 11,982), Outagamie co., E Wis., on the Fox River; settled 1793, inc. 1885. A Wisconsin tradition since 1918, Kaukauna Cheese is America’s #1 spreadable cheese today. Learn More. Dave Hoekstra and Andrea Thome visit with Matthew Barlow, brand manager at Wisconsin's Kaukauna Cheese, which is celebrating 100 years as a leading source of spreadable cheese, cheese balls, cheese logs and more. The word Kaukauna indicates the stopping place of a fish called Pickerel, which resonates to the Menominee word O-Gau-Gau-Ning. They discuss the product's place in Midwest culinary history and the Wisconsin supper club scene, staying true to local dairy farmers and the authentic Wisconsin cheddar flavor, and more. The video to the left highlights some of the breathtaking views and amenities the City of Kaukauna has to offer. The city is a processing center for cheese and other dairy products. Kaukauna cheese is a variety of cheddar cheese, which is considered to be perfect for entertaining and snacking. Its chief manufactures are fabricated metal products and paper. A History of Quality and Innovation. Kaukauna Cheese Crock from the Brody/Emmons site. 1865 Our Birthplace Across the Sea. History of Kaukauna Cheddar Cheese The Kaukauna cheese derives its name from the small town near Wisconsin. Kaukauna (/ k ə ˈ k ɔː n ə / ()) is a city in Outagamie and Calumet counties, Wisconsin, United States.It is situated on the Fox River, approximately 100 miles (160 km) north of Milwaukee.The population was 15,462 at the 2010 census.It is a part of the Appleton, Wisconsin Metropolitan Statistical Area. Cheese Food product which is a mixture of aged cheddar cheese with added milk fat. In 1865, Jules Bel began cheese ripening and trading in France’s Jura region. The label shows two hands spreading the product with a knife on a … If you are looking for reasons to live or relocate a business to the City of Kaukauna, the video is sure to give you plenty. 103 were here. Following his death in 1904, his son Leon Bel took over the business. Label submitted to the State of Wisconsin for trademark registration by the South Kaukauna Dairy Company. The Bel Brands USA Timeline. Though our history starts across the ocean, we’ve since firmly planted roots in Chicago and across America. Kaukauna (kôkô`nə), city (1990 pop. While a great many treasures have come from the Brody/Emmons complex (aka the East Lansing dump), the one that spoke to my heart will be of little surprise to our regular readers.