The quality and taste are as good as ANY other frozen pizza, and it … Barstool Pizza Review - Tonelli's (Lafayette Hill, PA) 2. This Freschetta pepperoni pizza was delicious! The crust naturally rises and is crispy and delicious. The instructions say to cook the pizza at 400 degrees for 21-24 minutes.. We cooked it in the oven for 24 minutes, and when we took it out, the pizza didn't look cooked all the way through so we tried cooking it for another 5 minutes, then tried cooking it for another 10 minutes. 43. pizza + 5 Tags. It's made with 100% real cheese and has no artificial flavors. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The crust has no preservatives and taste great. Here are the six aspects each pizza is being rated on, on a scale of 0-5: ... Freschetta. Freschetta ® Gluten Free Pizzas aren’t just for pizza lovers looking to eliminate gluten from their diet. Overall very delicious pizza that everyone can enjoy. Pizza Reviews. Sure, they happen to be gluten free, but they’re first and foremost great-tasting pizzas! 25 videos. Barstool Pizza Review - Café Carmela (Philadelphia, PA) presented by Mack Weldon. 3. Barstool Frozen Pizza Review - Freschetta Pizza. 1. El Presidente 3/31/2020 10:00 PM. We tried a frozen pepperoni Freschetta pizza from the grocery store. Plus, they’re the first nationally distributed, multi-serve frozen pizzas made without gluten.