6. A French omelette is really just an omelette, but because people tend to make omelettes in so many different ways, clarifying it as French just lets you know that this is the kind that gets folded over. https://www.thespruceeats.com/classic-french-omelet-recipe-1375522 More French words for omelette. This is a slightly more decked-out version, leaning on the crispy side rather than the creamy. There are some obvious fundamental differences as I stated earlier. One other major difference is that the French version has no meat or veggie fillings. Omelet or Omelette (attested in the mid-16th century) is a variation of the French word ‘amelette’ The difference of the first vowel in the two words occurs due to the forms of ‘œuf’ meaning ‘egg’. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. spanish omelette: omelette espagnole: norwegian omelette: omelette norvégienne: Similar Words. In France, a classic omelette is made with fresh herbs and some kind of cheese. And now, it's time to stir. Season the omelet mixture with kosher salt and black pepper right in the skillet as they begin to cook. Unlike the American style omelets, French omelets have no browning and are loosely set with a creamy interior. The French-style omelet, as pictured on the bottom of the above photo, has a smooth surface and a pale exterior devoid of any golden color. In fact, the word ‘amelette’ come from even older forms, the oldest being ‘alemelle’ that belongs to the 13th century. la omelette noun: omelet, scrambled eggs: Find more words! This is the key moment when egg becomes omelet. The French omelette has a unique consistency, almost like eating a forkful of cheese or butter, along with a loaf-like shape formed by the creation of large curds in the egg mixture. French Omelet vs American Omelet.