At high power, the moon, planets, and double stars are revealed in sharp, high contrast. Explore Scientific: The 152mm Air-Spaced Doublet AR Series is a nice and great refractor for sky observation. Explore Sc Designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes come with heavy-duty, high quality components, including a 2" dual-speed focuser, a one-piece 2" diagonal with 99% dielectric coatings, an 8 X 50 non-illuminated straight -thru finderscope and quick release bracket, and a cradle ring assembly with Vixen-style dovetail mount. Explore Scientific 152 mm or SkyWatcher Esprit 150mm? Store #0906712 Elec. © 2000-2020 B & H Foto & Electronics Corp. 420 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001, Low dispersion achromatic doublet lens system, Achromatic lenses eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations for true color rendition and without distortion across the entire field of view, 8x50 non-illuminated finderscope with quick-release bracket, Crayford focusers use a toothless friction system that allows for super-fine precision focusing without backlash, Large 2" drawtube prevents vignetting when using wide-field eyepieces for viewing, or large imaging sensors for astrophotography, 2"-to-1.25" reducer adapter allows the use of the more common 1.25" eyepieces and accessories, Compatible with any alt-az or equatorial mount with a Vixen-style saddle, Cradle-ring assembly for plate allows the scope orientation to be changed based on mount configuration, Integrated carry handle on cradle-ring assembly, One-piece 90° star diagonal for more comfortable viewing, especially nearing the zenith, Diagonal mirror has highly-reflective dielectric coatings for up to 99% light transmission, Explore Scientific AR152 152mm f/6.5 Achromatic Refractor Telescope (OTA only), Limited 1-Year USA Warranty, Extendable to Transferrable Lifetime Warranty with Registration. After some research, I have narrowed my search down to two models. Features Deal. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. #0907905; Sec. I equally like the Skywatcher Esprit 150 mm, F7, optical tube assembly. Designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific. Here is an image by Josh Balsam as posted on the collection of Explore Scientific AR152 images on the Astrobin Astrophotographers Community Website. 113... Join our mailing list to get the latest deals and more. Images of deep-sky objects are stunning at low powers and all at a small fraction of the price you would pay for a similar aperture apochromat refractor. The scope uses a heavy-duty 2" Crayford-style focuser. The 6-inch f/8 optics produce diffraction-limited images producing high resolution images of planets and deep sky objects. This often isn't possible with cheap mass-produced achromatic optics of similar focal length. Waterproof The AR152 152mm Achromatic Refractor Telescope from Explore Scientific features a doublet achromatic lens system which virtually eliminates chromatic and spherical aberrations. With its diffraction-limited optics, proper baffling, precision dual-speed focuser, and rugged construction, the Explore Scientific AR152 is also a solid performer for the astrophotographer. Field of View 152mm Achromatic Refractor The classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic refractor is reborn with the aim to produce superior-class optical figure in a short (f/6.5) focal length design with Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Doublet AR Series. The Explore Scientific AR152 Air-Spaced Doublet, is a classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint doublet achromatic refractor, and at 152mm (6-inches) of aperture, it provides the brightest images and highest resolution of the AR Series. The scope is offered without a mount or tripod, but a Vixen-style dovetail plate makes it compatible with any mount head with a Vixen-style saddle. Buy Explore Scientific AR152 152mm f/6.5 Achromatic Refractor Telescope (OTA only) featuring 152mm Aperture, 988mm Focal Length, f/6.5 Focal Ratio, Achromatic Doublet Lens System, 2" Dual-Speed Crayford-Style Focuser, 2" Dielectric 90° Diagonal, Vixen-Style Dovetail Mounting Plate, Mounting Cradle-Ring with Handle, 8x50 Finderscope, OTA Only - Mount and Tripod Required. However, I eventually decided to do some research on 6″ achromats and took the plunge with an Explore Scientific AR152, a 6″ (152mm) f/6.5 achromatic refractor. Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Here's some specs I found from Explore Scientific that might be useful: Optical Design: Air-Spaced Doublet Achromatic Refractor Clear Aperture: 152mm Focal Length: 988mm Explore Scientific put their FirstLight 152mm f/5 Achromatic GoTo Refractor with a sturdy motorized GoTo mount, tripod, and observing accessories to provide users with a complete observational package ideal for exploring the Moon and planets within our solar system. Fully Multi-Coated Rubber Covered Great planetary and deep sky visual or astrophotography! Our design goal was to provide an extreme value by providing true diffraction-limited optics at a price that will allow more people to explore the sky with a wide-field (f/6.5) large aperture refractor. Please enable javascript for your best B&H experience. The AR152 has received several good reviews since it came out, along with all of Explore Scientific’s products, and is offered at the unbelievable price of $750. EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC AR152 Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor D=152 / F=988mm Doublet Achromatic Refractor: 69600 + 18% GST [ click to enlarge] Explore Scientific 152mm f/6.5 Achromatic Refractor. Become an Explore Alliance Platinum Member and receive the added benefit over the Explore Scientific Warranty (for registered purchases) of Extended Care with Advanced Product Replacement. Deal. All other standard return policy conditions apply. 152mm Achromatic Refractor The classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic refractor is reborn with the aim to produce superior-class optical figure in a short (f/6.5) focal length design with Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Doublet AR Series. This large telescope is a fast achromat refractor, so you may already have some automatic prejudices against it. This toothless friction system eliminates backlash and enables ultra-fine precision focusing. Explore Scientific's AR152 Air-Spaced Doublet is a diffraction-limited six inch f/6.5 refracting telescope complete with mounting rings, 8x50 finderscope, and two-speed two-inch focuser. Explore Scientific 152 mm Achromatic Refractor OTA and Accessories DAR152065-01 The 152 mm f/6.5 Achromatic refractor from Explore Scientific is an air spaced doublet refractor telescope mainly for visual observing of celestial objects. 788 Gen. #0907906. We close every Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbos. This translates to a distortion-free viewing experience with true color rendition across the entire field of view. Images of deep sky objects are stunning at low powers. Item Number Speed up future orders, see order history, create wish lists, and more. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Some of the stuff I put on is in combined total the same value of the telescope, but well worth it. - posted in Refractors : I am interested in purchasing a 6 refractor to be mounted on my Meade LX 850 mount. Serv. : Elec. The combination of aberration-free optics, precision focusing and a fast f/6.5 focal ratio make this telescope ideally suited for wide-field astrophotography and astroimaging. Specs Hd. You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. Unlike a traditional rack-and-pinion focuser, a Crayford-style uses a steel rod held tightly against the focus tube. The Explore Scientific AR Serie refractors are classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic refractors with superior-class optical figure, in a short (f/6.5) focal length design. A mounting cradle-ring clamps over optical tube assembly (OTA), and lets the user adjust the orientation and position of the scope relative to the mount to optimize viewing comfort and balancing, while avoiding interference with other equipment. Explore Scientific: The 152mm Air-Spaced Doublet AR Series is a nice and great refractor for sky observation. ... Starwave 152 Achromat Refractor Features: Fully multi-coated 152mm doublet achromatic lens in a fully collimatable lens cell, focal length 900mm (F5.9). © 2020 Explore Scientific LLC. Perfect for those who want large refractor performance at a modest price. The Explore Scientific AR152 (six inch) f/6.5 Air-Spaced Doublet Achromat Refractor, with its larger aperture optics gathers 44% more light over the AR127 (five-inch) model, providing much brighter images and higher resolution. I like the Explore Scientific 152 mm, F8, carbon fiber optical tube assembly. Just add a few eyepieces and the alt-azimuth or equatorial mount of your choice and you’ll be ready to discover the Universe! The Explore Scientific AR152 is designed to be a budget achromat for those after maximum apertures while sticking to a decent price. The ED152 Air-Spaced Triplet FCD1 Series in Carbon Fiber with 3" HEX Focuser represents perhaps the greatest value in a large aperture ED Apochromatic refractor available today.