Black walnuts in the hull, each one still at least 50% green, enough to. Grain alcohol, about 50% strength, or regular vodka. It is recommended that black walnuts be at least 50% green when selected for the infusion process. Homemade tinctures are made by some natural health enthusiasts by soaking two or three of the freshly fallen green black walnuts in approximately 24 ounces (710 ml) of straight vodka in a cool dark place for about a week or 10 days. The therapeutic dose of black walnut hull is a burning questions for many folks following a rebuilding protocol. I was on last resort black box drugs for life threatening severe arthritis. For best results, and to avoid irritation from applying undiluted black walnut tincture directly to your skin, try making your own paste. Black walnut tincture is made from the green outside hull of the black walnut, which usually is ready for harvest in the early fall. Black Walnut Hull contains several beneficial anti-parasitic elements including juglone, tannins and iodine. Mix a small amount of black walnut powder with a carrier oil such as avocado oil or coconut oil. I was able to get relief using the Green Black Walnut Hull tincture used as suggested. Enough to cover the walnuts. A tincture is described as being between 40-60% of alcohol that has been infused with either oils or hulls. fill the pot to the top. A black walnut tincture. Assemble: Your largest stainless steel or glass (not aluminum, ceramic, plastic, enamel, or Teflon) pots or bowls. I was going to the cancer treatment center to receive my drugs by iv through a chemo machine. From now on – One dose of 20 drops of black walnut tincture from now on for three months. With a black walnut tincture, the black walnut is left in tact and then soaked in alcohol. 2) Procedure for using the Wormwood combination capsules – keep on using the Black Walnut as outlined above. 2014 study, the researchers conducted experiments with plumbagin on a triple-negative breast cancer model that has the capability of spreading to the bone, both in an in vitro cell study and in mice. Black walnut hull is famous for being a strong anti-parasitic supplement which kills many different types of invaders. I was loaned Dr. Hulda Clark’s book and a zapper and started using Black Walnut tincture. For acne, you can take a black walnut hull tincture internally or apply it directly to affected areas of your skin. plumbagin in black walnut and bone metastasis in estrogen-negative breast cancer cells and in mice In another study, this one a Wei Y et al. $5500.00 worth of drugs every 6 wks. By relief, I mean a 90 to 95% clearing and for me that is extraordinarily good. Some of these people claim that a concoction of wormwood, cloves and black walnut tincture can cure or even prevent cancer, with few side effects As well, use the Wormwood as follows: First Day of Treatment – Take just one capsule of Wormwood with a glass of water before the evening meal. Black walnut hulls may look and smell like small limes. *I use topicals (such as sulfur and anti-demodex soaps, tea tree oil pharmaceutical grade, and other anti-Candida and alkalinizing internals) to stave off additional problems. There has been some suggestion by herbalists that cancer actually is caused by a parasite.