In the meantime, make one of these chocolate treats. Suzie Sidhu, better known as The Pie Goddess, has been baking pies for 25 years. You’ll also find pies made with guava, dragon fruit, pineapple and the local Olowalu limes. Henry's serves some of the best pies anywhere. Check out these other amazing Atlanta places. Sweetie Pie’s in Fish Creek uses Door County cherries grown just down the road in all of their pies. They have all of the classic American pies you would hope to find in a diner, from fruit pies to lemon meringue. Take a break on your way to Mt. Yes, please! They even have a drive-through window! Grand Traverse Pie Company. Stop in for locally roasted coffee and warm pie to fuel up before a hike. In the popular bakery of celebrity patisserie chef David Chang, help yourself to delicious soft serve ice cream and baked goods, including their famous pies. Their pies are made fresh daily, using fresh ingredients like strawberries, rhubarb and peaches. ), unique triple berry jam pie, or even the butterscotch almond pie. Doing things the traditional way is what has kept LaSalle Bakery in Providence growing for nearly 100 years. But the Arkansas possum pie is not to be missed! If you’re headed through South Jersey, a historic windmill will point you toward Penza’s Pies at the Red Barn Cafe. Sample their Kaffe mocha pie, pecan fudge, or a variety of other delights. This place bakes their apple pies in paper bags. A veteran of the food and travel industries, Debra has worked behind the seafood counter, waited tables in all sorts of restaurants, and spent time as a travel agent. Who can resist anything made with apples in the fall? Here are 50 more ideas for coconut desserts! The menu may be simple, but we assure you, it’s incredibly sweet. Photo courtesy of Vivian C. on Photo courtesy of Norske Nook on Facebook. Located in Kimmswick, a small town on the Mississippi River, the Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery is home to a stunning feat of baking. At the Country Junction Restaurant in Dyersville, they serve old-fashioned food in a beautiful dining room featuring reclaimed wood from all over the state. It’s hot in Louisiana. If that image itself isn’t borderline coma-inducing, we don’t know what is. They’re all fabulous, but her apple caramel crumb pie made with homemade caramel is a standout. A family-owned business in Omaha, Wheatfields Eatery & Bakery serves up whole pie, pie by the slice and even baby pies in fun flavors! Their beautiful meringue pies are famous all over the state. Here are 50 more ideas for coconut desserts! Photo courtesy of Random Order Coffeehouse on Facebook. If you’re visiting Murphysboro for its barbecue, be sure to save room for dessert at Rule of Pie. For more treats in the Big Apple, read this. They’ve been making them by hand since the late 1950s. (But everyone still loves Grandma’s favorites. The colossal chocolate meringue pie at Sugaree’s Bakery in New Albany weighs five pounds and is a dazzling sight to behold. Apparently, a lot. Arkansas. Did we catch you craving Mexican food? Alaska. Try these. How about some sugar-free ice cream? Try these tips the next time you make apple pie. Stop by for apple or cherry, or try his decadent cream pie flavors including butterscotch and chocolate peanut buttercream. Their secret? Speaking of graham crackers…. Now at their brick and mortar location, you can find unique flavors like coffee cream pie and Bonobo Banana Pie, featuring a dark chocolate custard with fresh bananas and whipped cream. Key lime pie, Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida. Enjoy Southern lemonade with their quality homemade buttermilk or bourbon Oreo pies, and become obsessed. Love the good ‘ol American pie? Barbara Toms, owner of Sweet Creations Pie Bakery in Nashville started her business to benefit her community. You can also enjoy a wide selection of omelets and other classic diner fares. "Best pie I have ever had in my life! It’s stunning! Tucked into the historic old Post Office in Louisville, The Huckleberry serves sweet treats made with ingredients from their own farm. Their famous “crack pie” with toasted oat crust and a gooey butter filling is unreal when paired with one of their famous pretzel or cereal shakes. You can even go to their monthly baking classes and happy hours once you’ve totally fallen in love with the place (which you will).