Worksheets > Spelling > Grade 4 > Spelling lists. Themes like: Africa, fairy tales, pizza & friendship. Here's week 20 — enjoy! Spelling List 21 . WORD LISTS | GRADE: 4th . 4th grade spelling list 1 from Home Spelling Words where fourth graders can practice, take spelling tests or play spelling games free ... Spelling List 20 . Word lists 4th grade spelling words (list #20 of 36) Help your fourth grader become a spelling star with our weekly lists. a, c, e, i sound words: l, o sound words: r-controlled words: s, u sound words: Print full size. Free printable pdf. Spelling List 25 . Fourth Grade Spelling Curriculum Sequence. Spelling List 22 . To print or download the list, just click the “Get Worksheet” … Spelling List 23 . Spelling List 24 . Grade 4 lists of spelling words. Skills Building vocabulary, Fourth grade spelling words… Fourth Grade Spelling Words Master List: Here you’ll find the fourth grade spelling words master list, which covers 36 weeks of instruction. For grade 4 students, the below lists of spelling words are categorized by sounds. Print full size. Spelling List 27 . Spelling … Spelling List 26 . 4th grade spelling lists. During fourth grade spelling lessons, children learn about suffixes such as -ED, -ING, and -TION, and inflections used with them, such as dropping the final letter on most words … Grade 4 spelling words grouped into 36 weekly themes.